Are You Slammed With Holiday Tasks? When to Get Orthodontic Treatment

The weeks of December are filled with holiday preparations and gatherings of co-workers, neighbours, and friends. It’s hard to catch your breath with this hectic pace. With these events on your mind, it’s easy to forget what’s best for your family. At Taunton Orthodontics, we believe this time of year is ideal for consulting an orthodontist, especially if you have some time off before or after Christmas. We might be able to provide the right type of oral healthcare for your children. Some kids are getting braces or retainers other as early as the age of 7.

Who Will Need Orthodontics in Your Family?

Typically, a smile looks imperfect to the human eye. The underlying cause could be an underbite, an overbite, crowded teeth, overlapping teeth, or crooked teeth. We understand that this is a very sensitive subject for most people. It’s important to understand that such problems may not cause pain, but they could result in oral problems later in life. If you suspect that you or your child has problems like these, be sure to have an evaluation and explore the available treatments. Many options are available for financing each patient’s comprehensive orthodontic care.

Here are some common problems that require patients to undergo orthodontic treatment:

  • Patients find it hard to remove debris between their teeth. Under these circumstances, plaque can build up, leading to cavities and gum disease. Orthodontics may be able to even out your teeth.
  • Patients could sustain injury to their gum tissue. When you look at how your teeth fit together, some teeth may not fit well where they meet teeth on the opposite jaw.
  • Patients can experience the breakdown of their uneven teeth. Whenever you bite into hard-to-chew food or chew for any length of time, there is the possibility that your uneven teeth will rub together and wear away the surfaces of each tooth.
  • Patients aren’t happy with their smile when they see their mirror image. If you don’t like to smile for a group picture, there’s the potential that a crooked or uneven smile is negatively affecting your self-confidence. Orthodontists can address such concerns and explain the various treatments. Some devices that correct your smile are undetectable, especially clear aligners.

Don’t let your winter break pass you by. Get yourself and your kids into Taunton Orthodontics and explore the various treatment plans and payment programs that will improve your smile. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us for more information about corrective orthodontic care today!

– The Taunton Orthodontics Team

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