Benefits of Braces for Kids (Early Orthodontic Care)

Early orthodontic care in children takes place while the jawbones are still developing and malleable. During this time, it is often faster and more effective to carry out corrective procedures than in teenage or adult years. Two-phased early orthodontic treatment lays the foundation for a fully functioning and healthy mouth in the future.

If needed, your child will receive the appropriate appliance to help guide their oral development in the first phase. Our Whitby orthodontic specialists, Dr. Singer and Dr. Shapiro, will establish the best approach to promote proper jaw growth. In phase two, our orthodontists concentrate on proper alignment and tooth positioning through the use of an orthodontic appliance on the lower and upper teeth.

Taunton Orthodontics offers a variety of treatment options, including Invisalign and traditional braces (clear or with colours). In this post, we discuss the benefits of early orthodontic treatment for kids.

1. Allows More Space for Teeth

Children usually develop oral problems such as crowding as early as six or seven years old. Early orthodontic treatment often allows for expansion and development of the jaws before the permanent teeth fully develop, thus giving room for the teeth to emerge correctly.

2. Improvement of Facial Symmetry

Misaligned teeth and jaws can impact your child’s facial appearance. With the use of early orthodontic treatment, we can guide your child’s development to ensure a healthy bite, and overall oral alignment. This can prevent issues such as an overbite, underbite or crossbite. 

3. Reduces Phase II Treatment Time

Early orthodontic care reduces the time it takes for phase II treatment. In phase I, more room will be made for emerging teeth. This often leads to more efficient alignment of permanent teeth once they erupt. 

4. Lowers the Risk Of Chipping or Injury to Permanent Teeth

A child with protruding teeth may have inadequate lip coverage to cushion their teeth from a fall. This may put them at a higher risk of damaging or losing their front teeth. Improper bites can also lead to excessive wear of teeth during normal function. 

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