Summer Time Treats for Durham Braces

Whether it’s a typical weeknight or a long weekend, it’s never a bad time to treat yourself to a summertime snack! Luckily for those of you who have braces, there is a long list of delicious summer treats that are healthy and safe to eat while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

You can enjoy all your favourite fruits blended up into one delicious smoothie! When blended into a drink, those who have braces don’t have to worry about pieces of fruit getting stuck in their brackets or wires. If you’re experiencing any discomfort chewing your food after initially getting your braces put on or after an adjustment, a fresh fruit smoothie is easy to consume, can provide you some relief from the cold temperature, and contains many vitamins and minerals.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is soft and melts in your mouth, making it the perfect dessert for those who have braces! If you’re purchasing frozen yogurt from a store or restaurant, just make sure you stay away from any additional toppings that could get stuck in your braces – such as sticky caramel or nuts.

Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is light, fluffy and perfect for any summer picnic or barbeque. This sweet dessert might not be the healthiest choice on the list, but it’s safe to eat in moderation with braces. With any sugary snack, make sure to thoroughly clean your teeth and braces after eating to prevent cavities. Try serving with fresh berries and whipped cream for an extra refreshing treat this summer! For the best angel food cake recipe, follow this link to the Food Network’s website.

Do You Have Questions About Your Braces?

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– The Taunton Orthodontics Team

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