The Power of Technology with iTero!

Thanks to technology, the practice of orthodontics has come a long way! Today, one of the most powerful and advanced pieces of technology includes the digital iTero Scanner. If you are exploring the possibility of orthodontics, including Invisalign, the iTero intra-oral scanning system is an excellent tool to help! At Taunton Orthodontics we understand the benefits of our iTero system and we are sharing why our patients love it too!

When our team uses the iTero scanner, we can produce a more accurate and precise model of your teeth. This procedure allows us to achieve a detailed and accurate treatment outcome. We use the iTero scanning wand in your mouth to take a series of pictures. These pictures are put together to form a detailed model of your teeth. Compared to traditional impressions, the iTero scanner is more accurate, faster and is a less messy process overall. No biting into a sticky material to get the impressions of your bite!

Aside from the benefits of the speed, accuracy and comfort of the iTero scanner, the device is also equipped with 3D colour imaging. This helps us to create more customized treatments for our patients from the better quality of the images provided. Our patients can also experience the smile stimulator with the iTero system. This helps them see what their smile can look like after their treatment is complete.

At Taunton Orthodontics, we have the skills, technology and expertise to bring you a healthier smile through orthodontic treatment! If you live in the Whitby, Oshawa or Brooklin area – contact us to set up your smile consultation!

– The Taunton Orthodontics Team

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