Thank you again to our amazing patients for voting us Durham’s Top Choice Orthodontic Clinic for the 4th year straight! We are truly honoured to serve this incredible community! Looking forward to creating many more amazing smiles together!

Why Choose Taunton Orthodontics?

At Taunton Orthodontics, Dr. Emily Singer and Dr. David Shapiro are committed to providing you and your family with the finest of orthodontic care in a warm and inviting environment. We pride ourselves not just on how great your final smile looks but how incredible we can make your journey to get there.

Proudly serving the Durham communities of Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax, Brooklin, Pickering and beyond, our team of doctors, clinical and administrative staff are here to make every step of your experience with us second to none. We offer zero interest payment plans, convenient appointment times and a wide variety of treatment options including metal or ceramic braces and Invisalign.

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Flexible appointment times offered 5 days a week!


No interest in-house financing with zero downpayment options available!


Multi-doctor practice allowing collaboration for the best treatment options and outcome!


Advanced technology including digital xrays and impressions using the iTero intraoral digital scanner.


Automated email reminders for appointments and convenient access to your personal patient portal 24/7.


We support the community that supports our practice! We proudly sponsor many community events, our patient’s sports teams and contribute to local charities. We bring smiles to Durham both in and out of our office!

Our team



Emily Singer, DDS, MSc

Dr. Emily Singer – BSc, DDS, MSc (Ortho), FRCDC

Dr. Emily Singer enjoys getting to know her patients and their families and watching them develop confidence and self-esteem as she works with them to develop a beautiful and healthy smile.

Dr. Singer earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Western Ontario and was awarded the UWO Gold Medal in Science and Governor General’s Silver Medal. She completed her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry. There, she was awarded the Alpha Omega Fraternity Prize for the highest overall achievement during the four years of dental school. Dr. Singer finished her General Practice Residency at the Hospital for Sick Children where she gained experience in working with medically compromised patients and patients with craniofacial anomalies and other syndromes. Dr. Singer’s Master of Science degree in Orthodontics was earned from the University of Toronto where her research project won second place in the Charles Schultz Resident Scholar Clinical Sciences research category at the AAO Annual Meeting.

A native of Toronto, Dr. Singer enjoys spending time with her husband and their chocolate labrador retriever, Chloe, trying out new restaurants, cheering on the Raptors, and traveling whenever possible. Her vacation highlights include recent trips to Hawaii, Greece, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

David Shapiro, DDS, MSc

Dr. David Shapiro – BA, DDS, MSc (Ortho), FRCDC

Dr. Shapiro has been practising orthodontics after graduating from the University of Toronto Department of Orthodontics in 2002. He received his Dental license and training in 1998, also from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry.

He is happily married to his wife, Jody since 1995, and have two amazing daughters in University and high school who he loves spending time with. Having treated his daughters, he is an equal opportunity teaser, and always asking them if they wore their retainers last night. 😊

He derives a lot of professional pleasure from practising Orthodontics with Dr. Singer, and helping patients get the smile they both deserve and want. Working with Dr. Singer, they both continuously strive towards running a state of the art practice with amazing customer service and personal attention.

Our Staff


We are fortunate to have attracted a group of wonderfully talented and dedicated team members. It is this group of incredible individuals that allows us to provide you with a superb level of orthodontic care and a customer experience second to none!

Scheduling and Financial Coordinator

Megan’s bubbly personality and infectious smile light up our reception desk. Whether she is helping you schedule your next appointment or assisting you with any financial questions about your treatment she is always available to help our patients with a huge grin and a warm heart. When not in the office Megan enjoys spending time with her husband, 5 children, 2 grandchildren (and counting!) and her dog Mackenzie. She enjoys travelling, spending time at her trailer and has recently taken up golf!

Scheduling and Financial Coordinator

We first met Kristine when she brought her daughter in for a consultation and knew right away we couldn’t let her go! She has been a member of the Taunton Orthodontics team ever since and we can’t imagine the front desk without her. Outside the office Kristine can be found spending time with her husband, two beautiful daughters and the newest addition to her family – a puppy named Winnie!

Treatment Coordinator

Janine works closely with Drs. Singer and Shapiro at your initial visit to help you understand the orthodontic process, schedule your first appointments and assist you in setting up a flexible payment plan. Incredibly organized and extremely passionate about orthodontics Janine makes the process of beginning treatment seamless and exciting! When she’s not meeting new patients she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons and loves to bake.

Orthodontic Hygienist

You will never find Jo without a smile! Its no wonder that she chose a career that works hard to bring smiles like hers to others! Jo’s positive attitude and amazing spirit keep us laughing and loving our jobs every day. When not in the office Jo can be found spending time with her family and taking her dog Benny for long walks– but only if she gets to log her steps on her FitBit!

Orthodontic Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, Jasmin loves her role in helping to create your beautiful smile and is great at discussing all the details of caring for your teeth and appliances. She easily will make you feel at home in our office and will help you navigate your orthodontic treatment. A women of many talents she is a mother of three young kids, a culinary superstar and can often be found sewing her own clothes or painting professional looking murals in her kid’s playroom.

Orthodontic Hygienist

When Vanessa moved out to Durham last year we were thrilled to have her join the Taunton Orthodontics team. Vanessa says that seeing her patient’s smiles transform and confidence grow is the most rewarding part of her role as an orthodontic hygienist. Her positive energy has been a great addition to our friendly office environment. Outside of work Vanessa enjoys staying active and is currently busy planning her upcoming wedding!

Certified Dental Assistant

Renee joined our team fresh out of school but became a superstar dental assistant in no time flat! An integral member of the team, she is also a patient and rocks her Invisalign aligners with pride. She is always available to coach our aligner patients through the process and explain to them what to expect as they transform their smiles nearly invisibly! Outside the office you will likely find her either at the gym – or quenching a Menchie’s craving over her lunch hour!

Certified Dental Assistant

Tory loves her role as a dental assistant and being part of our amazing team that helps bring smiles to patients every day. Always wanting an amazing smile to call her own, Tory is also a proud patient of our practice and inspires patients both young and old to embrace orthodontic treatment and get the smile they’ve always wanted!

Certified Dental Assistant

Chelsea brought her warm smile to the Taunton Orthodontics crew several years ago and has been an amazing team member ever since! She can often be found in the back lab, designated her “office”, covered in dust from a full day of making the best custom mouthguards and retainers for our patients. Currently on maternity leave after giving birth to her beautiful son Grayson, we can’t wait to have Chelsea back in the clinic soon!

Why Choose Us




Whether you’re 7 or 70 you deserve an amazing smile!


The American Association of Orthodontists recommends every child receive an orthodontic screening by age 7. If early intervention is indicated, Drs. Singer and Shapiro can help guide the growth of the jaw and eruption of incoming permanent teeth.

Early treatment can avoid development of more severe problems to simplify (and sometimes eliminate) later treatment.


Adolescence is the ideal time for comprehensive orthodontic treatment as the permanent teeth erupt and final occlusion (bite) is established. It is easier to treat many orthodontic problems during adolescence because the body is still growing rapidly at this time.

When the bones of the face and jaw are fully developed, many conditions become more difficult to treat.


Adult orthodontics is on the rise! Tooth alignment can be changed at any age if your gums and bone structure are healthy. With a variety of cosmetic options available including clear ceramic options and removable Invisalign® aligners – you can have the smile you’ve always wanted – nearly invisibly. Some adult patients with severe discrepancies in their upper and lower jaw alignment would benefit from an adjunctive surgical procedure to achieve their desired objectives. If Drs. Singer or Shapiro feel you would benefit from a collaborative surgical orthodontic treatment plan, it will be presented as an option at the initial consultation.

A large percentage of our patients are adults, and they agree that it’s never too late to improve their greatest asset – their smile.



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Early Intervention

Orthodontic treatment in young children is known as interceptive orthodontics. Intervention may begin as early as age 6 or 7. At this age, teeth are still developing and the jaw is still growing. That means certain conditions, such as crowding, impacted teeth, excessive tooth wear and growth issues, may be easier to address.

It is important to note that children who receive interceptive orthodontics (also known as Phase I treatment) generally still need braces or other orthodontic appliances later (Phase II). However, this early treatment may shorten and simplify future treatment in selected cases and may reduce the cost of comprehensive treatment down the road.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are by far the most commonly used in North America and around the world. At Taunton Orthodontics, Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Singer use mini metal braces which are low profile and very comfortable to wear. They look great, have dozens of colored elastic choices and they are popular with children and teens. Ask us more at your initial consultation!

To schedule your complimentary initial consultation, call Taunton Orthodontics today or request an appointment online! We are conveniently located in Whitby and serve the Durham communities of Oshawa, Ajax, Brooklin and Pickering.

Ceramic Braces

Clear bracket braces are the most aesthetically clear brace in the market. It blends beautifully with your teeth and features a clear slide mechanism that conceals the wire. Because the slide is used in place of elastic ties, the braces stay clean and clear throughout treatment and reduce the overall appointments needed to complete treatment.

Invisalign and Invisalign
Teen Clear Aligners

There’s never been a better time to straighten your teeth with the most advanced clear aligner in the world. Your Invisalign® clear aligners and Invisalign® Teen Clear Aligners are custom-made for you. The aligners are virtually invisible and fit snugly over your teeth.

Each aligner shifts your teeth slightly, moving them horizontally and vertically and even rotating them when needed. Your aligners are engineered to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time.

When you change to the next set of aligners (typically every week) your teeth gradually move into position based on the shape of your new aligner, following a custom treatment plan mapped out by Drs. Singer and Shapiro.

Surgical Orthodontics

Some adult patients with severe discrepancies in their upper and lower jaw alignment would benefit from an adjunctive surgical procedure to achieve our desired objectives. If the doctors feel you would fall into this category, it will be presented as an option at the initial consultation.

Just as orthodontics repositions teeth, surgical orthodontics (also known as orthognathic surgery)repositions the jaw correcting jaw irregularities to improve the patient´s ability to chew, speak, and breathe and for improved facial appearances. In other words, surgical orthodontics straightens your jaw. Moving the jaws also moves the teeth, so braces or Invisalign® are always performed in conjunction with jaw correction. This helps make sure teeth are in their proper positions after surgery.

Post Orthodontic Care

Having your braces removed is an exciting time. However it also signals the start of your retention period. Retention is a critical follow-through stage that typically involves wearing an orthodontic appliance called a retainer.

A treatment completion letter will be sent to your dentist with a current panorex including a comment on your wisdom teeth.

Throughout (and after) the use of retainers, periodic maintenance in the form of routine dental visits is required to check for cavities and to clean the straightened teeth.

Remember to schedule appointments with us to monitor the settling and stability of your bite. These appointments are included in your treatment fee.

Parallax Call Now



The first step toward achieving a beautiful, healthy smile is to schedule an appointment.




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Your First Visit

We will guide you through your first visit, with ease.

We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to our office! Our team is committed to making your treatment as easy and enjoyable as possible, in a friendly and welcoming environment.

During your first visit, you’ll get acquainted with the process and procedures for orthodontic treatment; we’ll discuss your customized treatment options in detail, estimated treatment length, and associated costs. The initial consultation is free.

We’ll begin by taking diagnostic pictures, x-rays of your teeth, and impressions, where indicated. These diagnostics will be referenced throughout your treatment and used to monitor progress. There is no charge for collecting the diagnostics.

Financing Your Orthodontic Treatment

At Taunton Orthodontics we believe that finances should never be the barrier to the smile that you or your child deserve. We are proud to offer flexible, in house, no interest financing options and our treatment coordinator will work carefully with you to find a payment plan that can best fit into your family budget.

We will work closely with you to help navigate your insurance coverage, providing a predetermination form of proposed costs and payment plan options at your initial visit. We provide convenient, automated payment receipts via email to make claim submission and reimbursement fast and easy. Even if you do not have orthodontic insurance coverage or your coverage does not cover the full amount of treatment, you will likely be able to claim the treatment expense as a tax credit on your income taxes.

Life With Braces

During your treatment you’ll want to stick to foods that are softer or easily mashed up. We ask that you stay away from foods that are hard, crunchy, sticky or tough.

The first few days of treatment, as your teeth are beginning to move, your mouth is going to feel sensitive and a bit sore. To help alleviate the soreness, you will want to stick to a particularly soft diet or take an over-the-counter analgesic.

You may also notice that your teeth become mobile during movement. “Loose teeth” are a natural part of the process and allow the teeth to change positions. Once your teeth are in the right place, they will settle in to their new position and firm up.

Dental wax will also be your friend during treatment. We recommend if something is rubbing or irritating your cheeks as you are adapting to your new appliances that you place a small amount on the spot to cover the problem area.

Brushing and Flossing

Using a soft bristled toothbrush begin by brushing the outside of your teeth and braces holding the brush tilted at a 45 degree angle. Brush along the top and bottom of the braces using light to moderate pressure, making sure you cover every surface very carefully. Don’t forget to brush the teeth all the way in the back and on the inside. We recommend that you brush for at least four minutes 2-3 times a day during your treatment.

Flossing at least once a day is very important for good dental hygiene and to keep your teeth healthy. Flossing with braces may seem difficult at first. To floss properly, you will need to thread the floss under the archwire. This can be done in two ways – either by threading the floss through on your own or using a floss threader to thread the floss under the wire.

We will provide you with an oral hygiene starter kit after the braces are first placed and our staff will demonstrate how to properly brush and floss. We assess each patient’s oral hygiene at every appointment and will work to ensure that proper maintenance is continued throughout treatment so that you finish with a beautiful and, more importantly, a healthy, new smile!

Emergency Care

The majority of emergency situations can be temporarily taken care of at home. Most problems in orthodontics are of the type involving a loose brace or appliance or poking wire. Usually loose brackets and wires that are causing some discomfort or poking can be covered in wax or gently pushed back into place using tweezers or a pencil eraser.

These techniques will provide temporary relief but it is still important to call our office so our team can set up an appointment to have the issue corrected on the next available business day. This will ensure we keep your treatment on track and are able to provide long term comfort.

If you are a patient of Dr. Shapiro or Dr. Singer and feel there is a true emergency that requires you to be seen before the next business day, please email both email addresses below.

and be sure to leave a detailed email message including the patients first and last name, your name, the specific nature of the problem and a phone number where you can be reached. Please allow for 30 minutes for emails to be processed through the server. If you receive no response form us, please email again 30 minutes later.

Sport Mouthguards

Sports guards, mouth guards and mouth protectors are different names for the same thing: a device worn over your teeth that protects them from blows to the face and head. Mouth guards are an important piece of athletic equipment for anyone participating in a sport that involves falls, body contact or flying equipment.


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