Living Life With Invisalign!

When it comes to straightening teeth, you can choose from a wide variety of options. However, Invisalign is an excellent option that has been gaining popularity with patients of all ages. With Invisalign, you can participate in any social situation without any worry. Our team at Taunton Orthodontics has put together this blog post to help you understand the benefits you receive by wearing Invisalign. 


You Can Eat Anything

Traditional braces limit you from the foods you can eat because the metal brackets can snap off when under too much pressure. With braces, you can’t eat anything that’s too crunchy, hard or sticky. Luckily, there is no problem eating such foods when you have Invisalign. The clear plastic trays are removable so you can continue to enjoy your favourite foods. 


Virtually Invisible

Another benefit of Invisalign is that it is almost completely invisible. You won’t have to worry about people seeing wires whenever you smile. They are clear and an excellent option for children, teens and adults. You can smile confidently and see the changes while you straighten your teeth. Dr. Shapiro or Dr. Singer will customize the aligners to give you a perfect fit.


Fewer Visits

With traditional braces, you have to visit your orthodontist more frequently to have your braces adjusted. With clear aligners, you won’t have to visit our clinic as often. The visits are often shorter and less intrusive as they are usually just a simple check to verify the fit of the aligners. 


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