Why Orthodontic Treatment Is Important

Orthodontic treatment is beneficial for more reasons than just improving the look of your smile. In fact, orthodontic treatment can help you chew, speak and even breath better! With face masks mandatory in all indoor public spaces across Ontario, what better time to pursue orthodontic treatment – noone will even know you’re improving your smile until its time to reveal it!

Orthodontic Treatment Options In Whitby

Braces. We offer our patients both traditional metal braces and ceramic braces, depending on your preference. For the traditional option, we use mini metal braces which are low profile and very comfortable to wear. For the ceramic braces, we use clear bracket technology that blends beautifully with your teeth and features a clear slide mechanism that conceals the wires.

Braces can be beneficial for those who need help aligning their teeth, bite and/or jaw. If you suffer from any oral misalignment and do not receive the proper orthodontic treatment, you may increase your chances of headaches, tooth decay, gum disease, jaw pain, and even respiratory problems.

Invisalign. Using advanced clear aligner technology, Invisalign offers our patients a nearly invisible option for orthodontic treatment. When undergoing this treatment, you will receive a series of Invisalign trays that will guide your teeth into the desired position.

Similarly to braces, Invisalign can help decrease your chances of developing certain oral problems. Invisalign is the perfect treatment option for those who want to fix misaligned bites or teeth in a discreet and convenient manner.

Receive Orthodontic Treatment In Whitby!

Taunton Orthodontics offers orthodontic solutions including braces, clear braces and Invisalign. We also help the smiles in our surrounding communities too – including Oshawa, Ajax, Brooklin and the rest of the Durham region. Contact us today to learn more about how orthodontic treatment can benefit you! Call or text us at 905-620-0056 or fill out our contact form on our website! New patients are always welcome!

– The Taunton Orthodontics Team

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